Steve Livesey (u13)
Mike Roche (u13)
Sam Patterson (u13)
Daniel Hodgson (u15)
Ravi Sitlani (u15)
Tom Gosney (u15)


Chris Livesey
Iona Jackson
Andrea Hodgson
Sue Livesey
Barry Livesey

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U13 Squad

# Player name Club
9 Abdulla Abdelkafi Norbury
7 Jake Aldridge Poynton
20 George Bailey Stockport
12 Nick Carley Stockport
3 Asa Carney Cheadle
14 Harry Cortvriend Mellor
1 Ruairi Dolan Mellor
10 Johnny Goodfellow Mellor
15 Johnathan Hackett Stockport
5 Adam Hall Mellor
18 Sam Kirkwood Stockport
17 George Langford Stockport
13 Adam Lockley Cheadle
19 Tom Moore-Grundy Poynton
6 Andy Nicholls Poynton
4 Nils Ogden Mellor
2 Steve Paterson Cheadle
8 Oliver Prescott Poynton
16 Josh Rowland Norbury
11 Tom Roche Mellor

U15 Squad

# Player name Club
37 Lewis Bancroft Stockport
21 Luke Bartram Cheadle
38 David Bridge Stockport
24 Jonathon Clarke Poynton
25 Eddie Dolan Mellor
33 Freddie Evans Mellor
34 Tom Giddings Poynton
31 Jamie Hardman Stockport
32 Harry Ingham Mellor
29 Nick Jones Stockport
36 Danny Ledger Stockport
27 Jake Leonard Stockport
26 Chris Lloyd Stockport
40 Jonathan Nicholls Poynton
23 Martin Paterson Cheadle
35 Craig Price Stockport
22 Greg Rowlinson Stockport
30 Sam Russell Poynton
28 Robert Williams Cheadle

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