Above are the lists for every year the Metros have toured in the USA. This information was gathered together from a number of sources, mainly courtesy of the late, great Les Grainger. If you spot a mistake, or can fill in the gaps, please contact us.

Since 2012, since this website started, we have a full archive available, including scores and match reports.

Were You a Stockport Metro or an AAYLC Player?

It is now 40 years since the first Metros Tour to Maryland. The following years have seen some 20 overseas tours with over 400 young players benefitting from the Metros experience. If you have been involved in the Metros programme we would love to hear from you. Are you still playing lacrosse? What did travelling with the Metros mean to you? Is your name in the archives list and do we have your shirt number and club?

USA Players

During this time over 400 young lacrosse players from the USA have visited Stockport with the programme. If you are one of these players we would also like to hear of your tour experience.

Please add your comments below, or contact us here.

Archives Updates

We would like to add more to the history and archives section. Have you any photographs or tour brochures that we could include on the site? Please contact us here.

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    Member of the very first team in 1976 from the Annapolis Elk’s. What an experience for a 16 year old. Stayed with Andy Robinson and loved the experience. I am still playing club lacrosse in Anne Arundel County at age 53 and look fondly back to those days on tour in England. Years ago a group was here to play right up the street fom me and I went and ran into Mr.Les Grainger, and do you know he remembered my name and most of the boys on the ’76 team. I was sad to hear of his passing. If any of you are in the Annapolis area feel free to email me and maybe we can meet.

  2. karl colebrook

    Hi the reports and photos from the 2012 us tour seem to no longer be on the site. Is it possible you could restore these?


    • Ian Young

      Hi Karl. I’ve added into the archives the full tour sections for the 2012 and 2013 tours, and there they will remain!

  3. Simon West

    Does anyone remember which year we took a Metro’s team to Belgium and who was on the team? It might be worth adding to the archives.

    • Ian Young

      I think it was ’89?

      I can probably come up with a few names too – great trip!


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