Steve Livesey (u13)
Ravi Sitlani (u13)
Chris Livesey (u15)
Simon West (u15)


Les Grainger
Tony Malkin
Jen West

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U13 Squad

# Player name Club
1 Andrew Pyett Stockport
2 Simon Booth Mellor
3 Chris Fell Stockport
4 David Brown Stockport
5 Richard Wilson Stockport
6 David Bryant Stockport
7 Simon Hopkinson Poynton
8 Matt Ashton Stockport
9 David Musrie C/Hulme
10 Luis Hone Mellor
11 John Howie Mellor
37 Andrew Liniton Poynton
38 Nathan Singleton Stockport
39 Simon Jones
40 Rhys Fildes Stockport
41 Dan Bedford Mellor
42 Adam Shippen Mellor
43 Craig Murphy Stockport
44 Adam Rogers Poynton

U15 Squad

# Player name Club
12 Ben Collins Stockport
13 Craig Shippen Poynton
14 John Ashton Stockport
15 Matt Edmonds Poynton
16 Matt Highley Stockport
17 Tom Pike Mellor
18 Nick Oxley Mellor
19 Michael Lowe Mellor
20 Scott Wilson Stockport
21 Neil Fildes Stockport
22 Stephen Hiley
24 Danny Oldham Stockport
25 Colin Rutter Mellor
26 Andy Etherinton Mellor
27 Andy Fell Stockport
28 Robin Douglas Mellor
29 Matt Beadle C/Hulme
30 Tim Hindsley Mellor
31 Tom Sharp Stockport
32 Andy McAlpine Stockport
33 Richard Nash Stockport
34 David Hindson Stockport
35 Anthony Murphy Stockport
36 Danny Barrett C/Hulme

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