Simon West
Martin Gosnay
Mike Nicholls
Tony Battersby


Les Grainger
Tony Malkin
Sue Nicholls
Hilary Battersby
Mike Murphy

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U13 Squad

# Player name Club
1 Jamie Fox CHS
2 Mark Burns
3 Paul Fullerton C/Hulme
4 Owen Jones Stockport
5 Chris More Mellor
6 Neil Peacock C/Hulme
7 Alex Powell C/Hulme
8 Tim Pruce
9 Ben Todd Mellor
10 Joel Williams Mellor
11 Paul Burnham C/Hulme
12 Stewart McAlpine Stockport
13 Ben McAllister Mellor
14 John Robins Stockport
15 James Slater C/Hulme
16 Julian Addison

U15 Squad

# Player name Club
17 Nick Bailey
18 Mark Boyle C/Hulme
19 Mike Brooks Ch/H Sch
20 Ben Denison C/Hulme
21 Nathan Gait Stockport
22 Mathew Hancock
23 Philip Holden H/Mersey
24 Gareth Jones Stockport
25 Rob Livesey Stockport
26 Tim Nickson Stockport
27 Johnathon Orme H/Mersey
28 Richard Roylance
29 Will Sharp Stockport
30 Mark Stones Stockport
31 Steven Talbot Stockport
32 David Vickers Mellor
33 Robert Williams Stockport
34 James Youel Ch/H Sch
35 Ian Young Stockport
36 Sam Jennkinson Mellor

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