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How long have Stockport Metro’s been travelling to the USA?

The first exchange took place in 1976 with Stockport players travelling to the USA. The outgoing tour takes place each even numbered year with the Anne Arundel players travelling to Stockport in odd numbered years.

How are players selected to play for Metros?

Players from participating clubs are invited to attend annual organised trials at the age of 11/12 (School Year 7). Selection is based on both lacrosse skills and attitude, and involvement is for a four year cycle including two tours to the USA and two hosting tours.

How does hosting work?

All Metros players will host an AAYLC player during the USA to UK tour. When travelling to the USA, where possible Metros players will be hosted by the same player and their family. All hosting arrangements are planned several weeks in advance giving an opportunity for players to make contact  with their host/guest prior to travel.

What is the cost for the trip?

The cost for each tour is expected to be in the region of £1500.

When do the Metros visit the US?

The Metros travel to the US in even numbered years, towards the end of July, returning approximately 2 weeks later.

Do the players have to attend any practices before leaving?

Players need to attend all training sessions and meetings, the first of which is usually in March. We train more extensively following the end of the main season.

What will players needs to take with them?

There will be a suggested packing list issued before travel. Players will also need to take all their protective clothing, helmet and stick. Playing kit will be provided.

Is the playing kit provided by Stockport Metros?

All Metro Players are provided with a travelling shirt, playing shirt, shorts and tour jacket.

How many coaches will travel will the Metros?

There will be coaches for each playing team. The coaches for each tour will be listed in the ‘coaches’ section on this site.

Who manages the tour and travel arrangements?

Chris and Iona Livesey.

What do the players do on non-match days?

There are two days of organised sightseeing. The remaining days and the free weekend are spent with the host families. Host families usually arrange activities where players can also meet their friends.

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  1. Nina Campbell

    2015 coverage has been fantastic. As mother of Colin and wife of former coach, OT I have followed you all for years. What a wonderful tradition that keeps on giving and giving to players, coaches and adults alike on both sides of the “pond.” Keep it up!


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