Andy Hiller
Partick Moore
Simon Rowlinson
Simon West


Les Grainger
Keith Howard
Judith Howard

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U13 Squad

# Player name Club
Geoffrey Pickering
Stephan Renshaw H/Mersey
Nicholas Williams
Duncan Woodward
Mark Boyle
Michael Brooks Ch/H Sch
Nathan Gait Stockport
Robert Livesey Stockport
Timothy Nixon Stockport
Jonathan Orme H/Mersey
Steven Talbot Stockport
Robert Williams Stockport

U15 Squad

# Player name Club
Andrew Bailey Stockport
Andrew Battersby H/Mersey
Chris Beck Mellor
Matthew Bradley Stockport
Jonathan Collins Stockport
Andrew Judson H/Mersey
Stephen Lombardelli Stockport
Richard Lowe Mellor
Steven Manton Mellor
Richard Mason
Jonathan Macrone Stockport
Richard Bone
Daniel Clements
Patrick Cunningham Mellor
James Gibson
Daniel Hodgson Mellor
Richard Ireland Stockport
Andrew Lambert
Oliver Lester Stockport
Stephen Livesey Stockport
Gareth Mason
Andrew Nadin
Phillip Page
Anthony Parker

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  1. Dan Clements

    Just to fill the gaps. My Club was Stockport (Daniel Clements Under 15 although I was called Danny generally). Still have my trophy and shirt and proud to have taken part (happy to send the shirt if there is an archive). Can’t get on the tribute to Mr G, just found out that he passed in 2011, moved away from Stockport in 89′ and sadly had to stop playing (something I still regret at 39), I was part of his swimming group as well.


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