Located to the North East of continental USA, Maryland is the 42nd largest state in the nation. Bordered by Pennsylvania to the North, Delaware to the East and Virginia to the South and West, with the capital Washington DC sitting on the Virginia Border.

Maryland was founded in 1634 and entered the United States Union in 1778. The state has a rich maritime history. The Potomac River borders Maryland to the East, the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Chesapeake Bay divides the state in two. Baltimore is the largest city and a thriving port and home to Baltimore-Washington airport.

Maryland is divided into regional counties, the largest of which is Anne Arundel. The county name is taken from Anne Arundell who was the wife of Lord Baltimore and a member of the ancient Cornish Family of Arundells. Annapolis the county and state capital is located in the centre of Anne Arundel County.

Annapolis has a rich history. A port town located on the Severn River, Annapolis is home to the U.S. Naval Academy. Washington DC is 35 miles away to the West, and Baltimore, now the main port of the region, and home of the Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, Loyola & Towson Universities, is at the most Northern point of the County, and 25 miles from Annapolis.

The climate in Maryland is generally warm with July and August temperatures averaging 30ºc with evening temperatures dropping only to 20ºc .

The official team sport of Maryland is lacrosse, with many schools encouraging participation from an early age, whilst many of the sports most famous players have come from the region.