Steve Livesey (u13)
Simon Rowlinson (u13)
Ravi Sitlani (u13)
Chris Livesey (u15)
Tom Cunningham (u15)


Tony Malkin
Sara Malkin
Les Grainger
Barry Livesey
Sue Livesey
Greg Rowlinson

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U13 Squad

# Player name Club
23 Andrew Makin Mellor
Neil Jamieson Mellor
26 Dan Ravenscroft Mellor
52 James Schofield Stockport
Michael Worrall Poynton
54 James Morris Stockport
55 Charles Cox Stockport
Simon Burgess Mellor
31 Ian Sanderson Stockport
56 Anthony Kirkwood Stockport
Stephen Hallinan Stockport
57 Adam Kay Stockport
58 Joe Finlay Stockport
Karl Willis Stockport
60 Michael Peglar Stockport
61 John Pardoe Stockport
Tom Williamson Stockport
63 Simon McGuigan Stockport
64 Thomas Gosnay Stockport

U15 Squad

# Player name Club
12 Warren Wilson Stockport
14 Tom Irving Stockport
15 Dwayne Camblin Stockport
16 James Stockton Stockport
17 Richard Timoth Stockport
18 John Cobb Stockport
19 Neil Smallwood Stockport
48 Alix Davidson Poynton
20 Steven Howe Stockport
21 James Sorley Poynton
22 Alex Howie Mellor
23 Jamie Hunt Stockport
25 Lewis Anderson Mellor
29 Robert Sharli Mellor
26 Tom Clarke Poynton
27 Andrew Hopkinson Poynton
30 Mathew Pullin Stockport
51 Joe Singleton Stockport
28 Daniel Loftus Stockport
Richard Carter Mellor

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