Andy Hiller
John Shackleton


Les Grainger
Joan Hiller
Stacey Hiller
Isabel Bishop

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U13 Squad

# Player name Club
Stephen Lombardelli Stockport
Andrew Bailey Stockport
Johnathon Wells Mellor
Stephen Palmer C/Hulme
Russell Lowe Stockport
Johnathon Collins Stockport
Andrew Battersby H/Mersey
Chris Beck Mellor
Michael Longley Stockport
Mathew Bradley Stockport
Oliver Lester Stockport
Daniel Hodgson Mellor
Stephen Livesey Stockport
Anthony Parker Stockport

U15 Squad

# Player name Club
Adrian Price SGS
Martin Gosnay Stockport
Johnathon Lowe Mellor
Stacy Manton Mellor
Gary Milligan C/Hulme
Keith Burch SGS
Tom Cunningham Mellor
Nigel Walsh H/Mersey
Andrew Hussey Mellor
Michael Kynaston Mellor
Jamie Milligan C/Hulme
Michael James Ch H Sch
Jason Everall Stockport
Chris Livesey Stockport
David Carman Stockport
Darren Crowther Stockport

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