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Tom Gare
Elizabeth Gare
Rick Griffiths
Leslie Grainger

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Touring Squad

# Player name
Ian Gorton
Peter Wright
Ian Hiller
Peter Harry
Steven Wood
Patrick Moore
Malcolm Gosnay
Ian Gosnay
Mark Shaw
Christopher Cox
Paul Blackwell
Nicholas Speak
Paul Carley
Peter Lewis
Mark Kynyston
Paul Robinson
Richard Swindell
Simean Hodgson
James Glynn
Beric Dawson
Richard Summer
Andrew Sykes
Simon Rowlinson
Sean Ring

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  1. pete wright

    This was my first tour which i was vice captain it was amazing to be involved

  2. Rick Sumner

    I toured in 1978, had a fantastic time and went back in 1980 with my school Wilmslow Grammar . I was the only one on the 1978 tour from that school but was made very welcome and I have never forgotten the tour or Les Grainger. I was 14 at the time and I think we flew Laker Airways..


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