Metros v Face off: , Thursday 1st January at

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  1. Kurt Allen

    Congrats metros! As a host and as a Severna Park parent, I can report that the Metros were the better team on the field yesterday in all facets of the game. After watching the English kids play all week, the improvement was fantastic. The Hornets can play better ball and will unfortunately have to wait two more years to prove it. I know that my son is looking forward to a another opportunity to avenge the loss on Tuesday. Well done!

  2. Caron Collinson

    My apologies for the delay with pictures for the matches. We headed to the beach for our free time and our internet connection isn’t as strong as I hoped, so I will upload the pictures as soon as we’re back home and I’m in front of my normal computer 🙂

  3. Ann Pomfret

    Lets hope the Metros are well rested after their 3 free days & ready for their Friendship games tomorrow evening . Whatever the outcome of the games all the boys will travel home wealthier in their lacrosse skills & wealthier with new found friends . Good luck Metros


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