Metros v Face off: , Thursday 1st January at

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Team 1 2 3 4


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  1. Eileen

    Well done boys! Sounds like a great effort for your first match!

  2. Jon Pilkington

    Great win boys keep it going. Were all proud of the team.

  3. Ann Pomfret

    It was fantastic for me to be there to watch the Metros U13 lads plays their best till the last whistle . The opposition was very strong but our lads will have learnt load from the game.
    I was so proud to be watching my son James coaching & the Stockport boys playing their hearts out

  4. Ann Pomfret

    The U15s games was great to watch. Right from the start the lads meant business . They played loud & strong & made a good impression on the US parents watching.Again really proud to watch Michael play so well & to be there for his hat-trick was AWSOME. All you parents back home should be proud also . All that time & effort really paid off.

  5. Mick Goddard

    Great game and result…can whoever did the stats double check please, as no assists, and no saves to the goalies, but several to other players? Think they got mixed up somehow…..Thanks…

  6. Malc gosnay

    Good win yesterday,the lads played really well,hopefully we can keep it going with a win today.


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