The end of a great tour

We hope you’ve been checking the Fixtures section for photos from each of the games – we now have a fantastic library of images from this tour thanks to a very talented photographer in Caron Collinson – thank you so much Caron!

Another photographer, who’s photos are a little less sharp, but no less entertaining, has been Baggie on his phone! Make sure you go back and check the Twitter feed for his many updates and in-game photos. Would you believe he had never sent a tweet before? Well done Bags – you are a master of technology!

I’ll leave all the other important thank you messages to Chris Livesey – they are not for your humble webmaster to make.

Please keep your comments coming, and hosts (and players/coaches) we’d love to see more of your photos from the tour, so we can continue to add to this important record of our special and ongoing relationship with AAYLC.

See you all at the airport!

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